Full Moon Union of Breath & Sound

Join Kamalika Stockton and Lindsey Marie Whited for a transformational evening of meditation, breathwork and sound healing for the full moon.

Friday November 19th, 7-8:30 p.m. Full Moon Union of Breath and Sound

This includes the Wim Hof breathing along with a sound bath led by Lindsey Marie Whited. Investment of $40 after November 7th, early bird discount  is $35 until November 7th. Tickets can be purchased through eventbrite or directly at Thee Tree House in Parma.

Breath and sound are some of the most ancient and primal forms of healing and are innate self- healing tools we can access at any time. Combined, they are working on a cellular level, shifting and breaking up stagnant energetic and emotional blocks in the body, regulating our nervous systems, and bringing us into a state of balance and relaxation allowing healing to happen on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.