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Wim Hof Method

Put yourself in the expert hands of a certified WHM Instructor to learn the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method.

Alternative Offerings

Full body Reiki Treatment, Chakra Alignment, Smudging and Clearing


I lead outdoor meditation groups that help us to look inwards and find inner peace. I also offer in person and online meditations.

Nature Groundings & Earth Connection

Spending time in nature learning how to connect to your surroundings by learning the ancient culture of the Shinrin Yuku (Immersion in nature)

Our Holistic Approach

My mission is to teach others how to listen to their intuition, how to get in touch with their own bodies healing ability and adequate health. I believe we have an innate intelligence inside of us. We can learn to tap into this. This intelligence is what we feel in nature as well. I teach this through the Wim Hof Method, meditation and nature grounding.

The purpose of this website is to teach people various health practices so they can have healthier and fuller lives. The site is for people to find information on different subjects relating to health and wellness. The things that I have studied and used in my life. You can find what services and events we offer by clicking on the button below.

Please Note: All services are donation based at this time while Kamalika is going through her cancer treatment.

Take a journey through self exploration of the human spirit.

Find out how you can utilize oxygen and cold exposure to optimize body & mind and learn about the underlying physiology.

About Kamalika


Kamalika is a mom, an artist and an intuitive teacher. Helping people reconnect with nature, themselves and others.

“Deep inside of us and in nature, there is an intelligence; this force will always guide us.”


See what our clients are saying!

I was very nervous about the ice bath but Kamalika was so clam and nurturing throughout the experience. She made me feel empowered to get through it and even enjoy it. I went in for a second time!
Jessica Stratigakos

There is almost no words to describe my experience with Kamalika. I was very nervous and excited all at the same time. Kamalika has truly mastered her craft. The breathing and mediation techniques she taught, prepared me for my first ice plunge. She stayed by my side encouraging me the whole time I was in the water. I was able to tap into and harness a primal side of myself, that I never knew existed. If you are looking to learn the Wim Hof Method, look no further!
James Blask

Kamalika is trained well in the WHM and she is a great person to learn this method from. Since taking her workshop, I am now able to implement cold exposure training into my daily health routine. Check out one of her workshops to gain a valuable skill!
Ryan Lee Manista

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What will the Wim Hof Method do for me?
The effects of the WHM techniques differ from person to person. Everybody’s experience is slightly different, and is partially determined by your goals and expectations. A professional tennis player for example, will likely seek improved athletic performance, whereas someone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will sooner see benefit from lower inflammatory markers.

Reported general benefits of the Method include: increased energy, improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, heightened focus, accelerated recovery, and a general improvement in quality of life.

The potential benefits are numerous and diverse. Ultimately, the only way to find out what the Method does for you is to try it for yourself!

Should I attend a fundamentals workshop before a One on One Wim Hof training session?
Either choice is fine with us! It just depends on your personal preference between a personal or group setting. A fudamnetals workshop is a great way to learn the basics more econimically. One on ones are great for maintaining your practice afterwards.
How do ice bath's work?

Regarding the ice baths: Only have one person at the time in the ice bath. Also, don’t let them put their face in the water (we don’t suggest this either way).

Can I still participate in a session if I don't feel well?

We ask at the start of the activity if the participant has a cold or a fever. If he or she has these symptoms, he or she cannot take part.

What health and safety precautions are you taking during your sessions?

-We provide disinfectants and soap on location.

– Participants have to wash their hands before the workshop (at least 20 seconds)

– Keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

How do I arrange payment with you?
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