About Us

Kamalika is a mom, an artist and an intuitive teacher. Helping people reconnect with nature, themselves and others.

About Kamalika

With a mixture of personal experiances and structured education, Kamalika (Cah-ma-lee-kah) has held many roles including mother, artist, and intuitive teacher. These experiences stoked her passion for learning that is deeply rooted in and applicable to everyday life. Early influences include her father’s psychiatry practice, her family’s Hare Krishna connection, and her time with the Running family (Lakota Nation) on Rosebud Reservation. Each of these influences helped her to open her mind, connect deeply with the earth, and learn to appreciate the power of difference. During these early experiences, she also developed her intuition through dreaming, spirit allyship, and an evolving relationship with the living earth.

Kamalika raised two children while working on and obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Art Education. While seeking employment as an empowering art teacher, her life was dramatically altered with a cancer diagnosis. During her journey with Brain cancer, Kamalika was guided to learn alternative healing modalities to support her western medicine treatment. Included in these are Reiki and Wim Hof Method.

Kamalika’s personal journey has brought her to life’s crossroads many times. While fortifying her own health and wellbeing, her passion grew for sharing these supportive practices with her community. Deep inside of each of us is an intelligence, that guides us towards our best self. Her dream is to share experiences that help people connect with those inner healing forces.

Mission & Vision

The purpose of this website is to inform people about the various health practices Kamalika provides, so they can have healthier and fuller lives. Take the plunge, join our community at Chagrin River Holistic Health!