Stay Accountable with Coach Kamalika!

You may ask yourself “Why do I need a plan?” When you subscribe to this monthly package we will start with a consultation to outline your strengths and weaknesses where you’re at now. You will be in a group with other Wim Hof practitioners. You will receive the following feedback, guidance, and support from myself and others. I will also host a monthly virtual breathwork group. This is an excellent option for someone who wants help staying on track with their daily breathwork and cold conditioning practice but doesn’t want to pay per session. Great benefits are shown with daily consistency!

Breathwork is an active meditation practice that liberates stuck emotions, sensations, and beliefs in the body. Regular breathwork relieves stress, increases focus and lowers blood pressure. Breathwork offers a beautiful way to integrate experiences, move through transitions, and reconnect to your deeper knowing. Using a repetitive breath pattern allows your body to drop into an altered state to practice self-healing. This powerful practice allows you to step into more clarity, bliss, and creativity. 

What is a virtual breathwork group? 

A 60-minute virtual group has four parts:

Check-In: We check in about intentions. You’ll share any place you’re feeling blocked. I’ll teach you the breath pattern.

  • Active Breathing: I’ll lead you through about 30 minutes of active breathing, which you’ll complete lying down. I’ll guide your experience verbally, accompanied by music. During the breathing portion, it’s typical for folks to have physical, mental, and emotional experiences. Sometimes it’s only one and sometimes it’s all three! You may experience deep rest and relaxation, feel energized and clear, or process stuck emotions. Each time is different.
  • Rest: After breathing, you’ll rest and relax. This gives your body a chance to recharge and integrate the healing.
  • Debrief: I’ll guide you out of the experience, you’ll have the chance to share reflections, and you’ll be on your way.