Annual Earth Day Meditation & Hike(Shinrin Yuko)

We gather here today to respect the Mother Earth and our connection to her.

April 21 from 12:00-3:00 at Hemlock Creek Picnic Area
Spring has sprung.
We gather here today to respect the earth and our connection.
Let me guide you on a beautiful trail along Tinker Creek filled with various wildflowers. We will do a silent walking meditation.
* Few nature gazing sits along the way.
*Take some time to have our feet on Mother Earth and the ground. (earthing)
*hug some trees to connect. Yes, huge trees this is another way to heal your body.
Next, We will do an extended meditation and breathwork session at the end of the trail at the waterfall.
Optional spring dip!
Bring a bag to pick up trash as we walk the trail, if you feel guided to.
You may ask what is earthing or earth grounding? When we connect to the ground it appears to improve sleep, normalize the day–nigh t circadian rhythm, reduce pain, reduce stress, shift the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic toward parasympathetic activation, increase heart rate variability, speed wound healing, and reduce blood viscosity.
do. Payment is not required!! Donations are appreciated but not required
* if you know that you can’t sit on the ground or on logs please bring a chair.
* This hike is a moderate trail with no big inclines.
*please message me for other questions.💚💙🌊🌸
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Walton Hills, Ohio